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Departure From Normal - Bam - Live at The Haunt 2013 - Lout Promotions

Real People, Real Personalities, Real Music! Personal Bio’s:-

Daniel ‘Bam’ Fullylove

Having been born in Oxford, let’s just say I had a well-travelled childhood! After Oxford, I grew up with just my Dad having never known my mother due to complicated family circumstances.  However this has never been something I am willing to complain about or hide from, rather am extremely proud of how I was brought up and the ongoing support my father has given me and is still giving me in, at times, challenging circumstances to say the least. With my Dad, moves followed to Hitchin, London, Lower Bourne, Hedley, Glastonbury and Prestwood before finally arriving in Brighton at the age of 11. The travelling wasn’t limited to England however and during most of my Junior school life I travelled around France and Spain in a 1965 Library bus with my family. It was during that remarkable time that my interest in music spawned, having been brought up with Oasis and Blur blasting out the radio ‘Some Might Say’ it was inevitable the musical direction I would fall into…

It was after the move to Brighton that I first met Jordan Webb (DFN’s Bassist) at West Blatchington Junior School. Two long haired boys (not looking forward to those pictures coming out) in the same school with total opposite music taste who would’ve guessed we’d be where we are now. I know he probably won’t bring this up in his bio so I think I should mention Jordan’s old musical taste… let’s just say it’s not something I hope he’s proud of!

Myself and Jordan then followed eachother to Blatchington Mill Secondary School, where we met the rest of the band members. First impressions weren’t as smooth as you’d expect by our relationships now though… the highlight being Kane Salts (Vocals/Guitar) tying Jordan’s then luscious long hair into a rather nice double knot!  It wasn’t long in Secondary School before the hair became noticably shorter, mainly following the revelation that one of my form members had quite a soft spot for me in the first week because I was a ‘Very good looking GIRL’ which whilst very flattering wasn’t really the kind of attention I had been hoping for just coming into puberty as a teenage boy.

OK, I feel I have waffled enough now about some of my formative years… Onto music! (Because apparently that’s what we do?)

I began playing electic guitar at the age of 14 having been recommended my guitar teacher by Jordan.  My first ever guitar was a Welsey Axe, quite a vicious looking creature considering our style of music and my (generally) calm nature. Since then the Wesley has changed coniderably.  My dad has carved it and customised it immeasurably, and is in my house waiting for the day I play Wembley. Ready to be smashed to pieces (The guitar not the gig, smashing the gig is a given!).

Nowadays I play a beautiful Fender Telecaster which it seems was practically meant for me. when I was 15 and all I wanted to do was music (although my childhood dream of Paleaontology is still in the wings…) my dad took me into a small guitar shop in a little country village called Ripley to have a look around, it was there I saw my guitar, despite playing more expensive guitars throughout my search for a new guitar nothing even came close to this. I fell in love straight away and from then on in my mind that was ‘my’ guitar. However, financially and officially it wasn’t… because the guitar shop wouldn’t accept a deposit we went away and saved for 8 months and on his way home my dad went in expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised, the shop owner couldn’t believe that it was still there. He had played it every day to practice as it was his favourite guitar but no one else in the whole 8 months had touched it, almost as if it wasn’t there.  Now you won’t ever find me far away from it and I look foward to that being my guitar for the rest of my life no matter what else I’m offered.

Trust me it’s not all about the music in DFN with three avid football fans (And Leon) often clashing in debates over life-changingly important subjects such as… Whether Ronaldo is coming back to Man United or whether Jordan is indeed a ‘Plastic Fan’ for only buying a season ticket to Brighton and Hove Albion after they built a brand new stadium and started winning… meanwhile somewhere in the middle there’s Kane and West Brom, bless him!

Doing music is all I want to do with my life and I know that it’s the same for thousands of other children not as fortunate as myself with getting the amount of backing, supprt and understanding I do. Because of this it is my belief that organisations such as Youth Music are so brilliant, even if a child doesn’t want to do music as a career then it’s such an incredible way to be able to express yourself and unlocks doors that otherwise might remain closed for the whole of someone’s life.

As I mentioned earlier another topic close to my heart is that of children with single parents because of bereavement, enstrangement or any other reason these children need support just like I had. With that support there is always the possibility they can come out the other side of a negative situation with a positive message and a developed sense of who they are and who they want to become, not just for them but for their children in the future and those closest to them.

Bam x

Departure From Normal - Kane - Live at The Haunt 2013 - Lout Promotions

Kane Salts

From an undeniably fluctuant adolescent, I settled into a seemingly perpetual and apparent way of life. The rattling mind I possessed, tamed and moulded into an unresolved state of consciousness, similar a pioneer masqueraded in a bystanders body, deluding in his own reflection.

As a boy, through to my early and mid-teens cricket was my goal. I thought I was destined to become the next England start (how naïve). Most my years at school were dedicated to sport and my undeniable sense of vanity. I was always shy and most probably perceived quite mundane. Although, still able to attract the diverse and distinctive characters in Dan Fullylove and Jordan Webb!

My attention for cricket gradually faded when I reached 14, I felt the need to acquire something new, more aesthetic. It could be seen as fate when Jordan mentioned one night, mid-December 2009, how his old band, ‘The Ascent’ had just sacked their lead singer. I had been in church choirs since the age of 8, and always thought I could sing a little… You know! So reluctantly I told him, “Jordan, I can do it, I can take his place?” To his bemusement, he asked me to sing something.  I remember vividly, singing, “Fill My Little World” by ‘The Feeling’, trembling in embarrassment…

Ever since that moment, in the comfort of his trendy yet insignificant room, I can truly say, every aspect of my life has changed. I quit cricket, joined the band, played in an acoustic duo with Dan, learned guitar! And finally, in 2012, the year I predicted something big would happen in my life I Joined Departure From Normal …  Never to look back again.

Kane x

Jordan Webb Departure From Normal - Jordan - Live at The Haunt 2013 - Lout Promotions

Born and raised in Brighton, I feel I’ve connected here. For me, Brighton is the best place in the world and somewhere so diverse and multicultural. This is where I fit in. America is another important part of my upbringing. My first trip when I was just 6 months old (And hit the milestone of my first McDonald’s!) sparked the start of me falling in love with the USA and going almost every other year from Florida and Las Vegas to Mineapolis and NYC – America is a place very close to my heart and the only other place in the world where I feel I fit perfectly in.

My first encounter with my ‘to be’ bandmates was Dan. I met Dan aged 11 at West Blatchington Junior School and ignored him for 3 weeks! Neither of us could imagine that at age 19 we’d still be best mates and on this epic journey together.

Dan and I stuck together heading to Blatchington Mill Secondary School where we shared the same tutor group and began to meet new people. Kane happened to be one of these people who sat opposite me on our table. Let’s just say…. In my 11 year old head I truly believed Kane was a total utter – (Let’s keep it clean!) – but you get the gist. Kane once tied my beyond-shoulder length hair in a knot and then I just felt my mind was made up. But, strangely Kane and I one day bonded over a conversation regarding the Cricket World Cup. From that conversation onwards (surprisingly only a few weeks after the ‘Hair Incident!”) me and Kane have been great friends.

Leon was the final piece of the puzzle I met when I was 11. I happened to be placed next to this, rather well spoken, boy who seemed nice and we became good friends. This… was Leon. We got on well, messing around and with the constant hilarity of Leon reading out “I used to be a car tyre” from his recycled pencil case in his ‘posh’ accent – (Believe it or not, it’s still hilarious today!).

As life continued (still age 11!), I sat down and was introduced to a film – ‘School of Rock’ – this moment changed everything. I had always cited being in a band as ‘cool’ but, this film made me really realise how amazing being in a band could be. Three years consecutively I asked for a guitar for my birthday and christmas, I never got one (I think my mum saw this becoming a noise revolution from my room) until finally on year three…. I stated it was a guitar, nothing else. NOTHING. And my parents finally realised! As all people when they first get a guitar do, I tried to play it. Believed I was John Mayer on day one – until I snapped the top E string in the first half hour. “You’ve broken it already!” said my mum. And wondering if guitar was for me…. I knew to keep cool, and all was ok…. More….. I hoped!

A friend put me in touch with guitar teacher Richard Millett. Even at the tender age of 13 and Rich being 27, he became a good friend and we had many enjoyable chats and learnt loads sitting in my room. After 3 years of lessons Rich moved back to his hometown of Bristol. This put a stop to the lessons me and Dan had grown so fondly of, but realised now we could play, we had to put it into practice and did.

Having always had a supportive family, life got tough when after a Christmas holiday, upon return my Nan had a stroke. Someone so energetic to be hit down hit me hard at 13 and affected me a lot. After 2 years of detiriating, my Nan finally passed away in November 2009. My Nan still remains a big part of my life. After leaving me behind some of her money, I immediately went out and bought what I knew she’d have loved me to have, an all white Fender Stratocaster. Her name is engraved in the back and is my pride and joy. Following this, a year after my Auntie who had become my ‘partner in crime’ was diagnosed with Throat Cancer. Attending every show of mine, supporting me in every project I’d ever done, I tried to stay strong, hoping all would be good but sadly, my Auntie died of Throat Cancer in November 2011. Summer 2011 was becoming hard enough with complications of Cancer continuing to develop with my Auntie, my Grandad was diagnosed with Alzeimer’s. A constant detiration of someone who was so close to me was a struggle and when that person no longer remembers you, it hits home. My Grandad sadly passed away after a near two year battle in May 2013. Although I look back and wonder why three of the closest people in the world to me passed away before seeing the band rise to this level, I cherish my moments and pour a lot of the emotions into my performance and lyrics.

Football is a CRUCIAL (yes, CRUCIAL!) part of DFN. With the ‘banter battles’ between myself, Dan and Kane – whilst Leon sits and twiddles his thumbs! – become heated and intense. Dan of course a Manchester United fan, being born in Oxford and all that! And the bemused face most people pull when Kane tells them he’s a West Brom fan which is hilairious and myself sitting in the Championship with Brighton. Leon was given Reading to support but I somehow feel he… he… doesn’t care.

My major influence is Kurt Cobain. Since I started playing guitar Nirvana and Cobain himself became idols to me. 18 months of listening to nothing but Nirvana took its toll eventually though and I began to dabble in newer American Rock citing bands such as Puddle of Mudd, Daughtry and Switchfoot as key influences in my younger days. 90’s music connects with me well with the likes of Pearl Jam, Incubus and Three Doors Down high in my estimations. Nowadays I’ve grown apart from the immaturity of younger days where you can only like who’s considered ‘cool’ and enjoy a variety of genre’s and influences to myself such as  The Script, Lupe Fiasco, Frank Ocean, Maverick Sabre, Noel Gallagher, Stereophonics, The Roots, Jamie Cullum, Alanis Morissette, Maroon 5, The Cure, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar and Corinne Bailey Rae to name a few!

Following varied stints with DFN, I finally properly left, starting new musical endevours and was startled when Kane – at this point a Cricketer who had trials with Sussex CCC and could bowl a ball like a steam train! – tells me he knows I need a singer and he would like to. Shocked I told him to come down and try out. He was shocking! Timing like an out of sync robot, but carried on and took to mastering and learning music. The band disbanded and Kane and I took on a new band which once again disbanded after 7 months… We realised who we’d worked best with and what would work. We approached Dan with an idea of merging both bands, with Dan and Leon combining and Kane and I – this clicked and worked well. From then on DFN have been ripping up stages and smashing shows and from small bars to big name clubs to venues such as Concorde 2. This is our life. This is our future. This is our aim.

Jordan x

Calum Landau


Though It’s sometimes difficult to admit, I was actually born and raised in the good old county of Essex. Having been involved in performing arts from an incredibly young age the concept of performing has always been a comfortable and enjoyable one. My exposure to music started with a wide variety of artists, with my first few albums being those of Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Blue (embarrassing but still a guilty pleasure) and mainly, Busted. After seeing Busted play Wembley Arena at about 7 years old I instantly had a desire to play music of my own. This desire faded until the age of 11 where my musical influences had now widened to great bands like Green Day, Foo Fighters and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I joined secondary school and decided that I wanted to play drums (mainly because I like to make a lot of noise). The next christmas a huge box is delivered to my door and I open it to reveal my very own drum kit, eager to start playing I only have time to get one drum out of the box before I decide to just sit and hit it all day!

Fast forward six years and I have been playing music throughout the whole of my time at secondary school, and my passion for music has now overtaken the dream of becoming an Actor. After deciding that the only thing I would want to study at university is music and drumming I began the horrible application process which was largely unsuccessful. Though this was disappointing I feel that it happened for a reason because in the midst of my disheartened state I found out about BIMM Brighton, the next day I cancelled my university applications and organised an audition at BIMM which went incredibly well and I was offered a place on their Professional Musicianship Degree.

Moving away from Essex to Brighton at only 18 has been such a scary but exciting time for me. Though I miss my family a lot I’m having so much fun! Meeting an incredible amount of talented musicians and studying something I am so passionate about has been a dream come true. Brighton is an exceptional place to live, with a thriving music scene and such a great chilled vibe, I settled in instantly! I feel that being unsuccessful in my university search was so important as if I had ended up studying in Leeds or Liverpool where I had intentionally planned I would never had been introduced to the DFN guys, let alone have the chance to audition and become part of such an incredible band!

Joining the band at a stage where they have already had a great amount of success was incredibly nerve wracking, however the guys have welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. I couldnt be happier than to be performing with them (this will always be where my passion really is) and look forward to everything the future holds!

Calum x